Bimba con micio

bimba con micio 1993
58 cm high
Counterpoint to the boys, Bimba con micio is a little girl simply clad in an old fashioned smock, gently clasping a kitten. Her presence and posture convey a child at the doorstep to the big, wide world. She is standing, looking out, upright with the courage of one who is very present. In art history, the cat and child have occupied a special place in paintings – usually an anecdote of the young child on the cusp of youth, as the feline companion signifies physical flowering, adolescent change and cognizance, as well as the young adult’s maturing temperament.The posture of form is a key attribute in expressing the depth of feeling in Anna’s sculpture. Through her observation of people in daily activities, stillness and movement, Anna Chiara Spellini is able to capture every nuance as a physical body is posed for the finality of her works. The sensitivity helps create verity in the figures, for we approach and appreciate them as living, warm textures, pulsing with life, in the midst of living movement, even in repose.