maternity 2005-2007
White Marble
58 x 55 x 45cm
The mother and child, and the mother figure and the child have dominated art of the Christian Western world for centuries: describing not simply the relationship of woman and baby, but also the subtle elements that allow us to associate with the relationship regardless of who we are and where we come from.

‘Maternity’ is actually a work in marble that remains almost unfinished; or is ‘nearly there’. To some, this gentle and tender moment of a mother embracing her baby suspends itself as words are unable to fully describe such a moment. The form breathes like a neverending capsule of love and what cannot be broken. Marble is deceiving as a hard, porous rock; yet it is capable under the right circumstances to be richly endowed with a living softness and conveys the sensibility of feelings even in its stark, white hue. In truth, marble as a metamorphic rock has many layers, and with Anna’s skilled hand, dedicated etching and carving, gracefully leading lines, this density and complexity of form is unveiled through a portrayal of humanity, human feelings flowering in a living moment no one can deny they understand.