Sitting Boy

sitting boy 1 2009
107 x 57 x 32cm
Sitting Boy is modelled after Anna’s younger grandson. The entire posture and demeanour represents the characteristic of vivacious youth, brimming with stories to tell, jokes to share and endless chatter. This feeling vibrates through the child, even as he sits, he is impossibly still. Gravity invites his flesh to repose with true weight. We are near this child both physically, and emotionally, unable to contain the sentiments of what is around the corner. Children are about such dynamism and liveliness. Bursting with possibilities, Anna Chiara Spellini succeeds in drawing from real life, those simple but sure ideas surrounding the promise of youth, and engraving them onto the surface and forms of her sculpture. The results are not lifelike as such, but sincere and elemental registers. Like a musician playing a song from a score, a melody emerges from a texture of lines and command to expressiveness. It fills our space with inventiveness and inspiration.