The Vintage Car

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193 x 333 x 138cm
The vintage car is an exact replica of a vintage model owned by the late Luciano Nicolis. The actual car model is the Cottereau Populaire c.1903, was a single cylinder engine automobile with a 3 speed gearbox and double transmission chain as well as rear brakes only.This bronze version is assembled from over 200 individual pieces, all a hand formed, recreated in wax, then cast in bronze. Each spare part of the car was painstakingly measured for its proportion and dimensions, and studied carefully before its clay model was created. All this was done by Anna Chiara Spellini, whose main thought was how to bring life to this example of cold, inanimate engineering. In touching and creating each part, she imbues a sense of the real, flesh like, warmth in the same way she builds her other sculptures of figures with her hands. Even after the clay models were completed, chasing both the wax and the cast bronze was done by Anna, giving each part of the car its unique identity. All the parts were then assembled, as a normal car would be, but welded together for stability, and displayed as a bronze, full scale model of a vintage car.From headlamp and chassis to pedal and upholstery, one discovers a life in the car, through its physical proportions and feeling of having been touched and even used, humanised through Anna’s own making and imagination. To transfer those feelings and spirit of richness in form only through the process itself, since the actual outcome would invariably mirror the actual parts of a car, unedited, complete, real.This piece is a feat of achievement for Anna, for whom the car represents the height of a physical challenge she undertook simply to prove to herself, that she could.