Cycle of Life

Ann Chiara Spellini is well known for her portraits, some of which she executes as a commission, while others may have developed from variations of commissions and her own creative endeavour. In any genre of art, for example, painting and even photography, people are the most difficult to portray. This is true mainly because people are living, complex beings. A portrait, whether as a painting, photograph or a sculpture, must capture the fine nuance of a living person that would make them recognizable or would invite a clear association from us to believe, these representations are the most convincing of reality. The subject of people as symbolic form also poses a challenge: when a personality is adopted to convey the essence of who someone is or what values someone might embody. Human figures are also used to symbolize seasons, the weather, a colour or a mood for instance. Regardless, people, whether old acquaintances, friends, someone we know or a complete stranger – people, are the most challenging of subjects in any genre.